Ectomorph & Hardgainer Workout For Skinny Guys

Recently I posted a video on YouTube that gave my top 3 tips for creating the most effective hardgainer workout.

I received tremendous feedback so I decided to make a blog about it so I can help other hardgainers gain weight and build muscle.

Hardgainer Workout Tip #1: Use Compound Lifts

I can’t tell you how many guys I see in the gym who are screwing around with isolation exercises like dumbbell flys, leg extensions, hammer curls, skull crushers, etc.

I get what they’re doing… They’re trying to really “blast their muscles” …But the truth is these exercises will only get a fraction of the results that could be achieved by focusing on compound lifts.

Compound lifts are often HARDER to do than isolation exercises. So newbies often shy away from them. But the fact is they work.

What are compound exercises?

They are exercises that target multiple muscle groups at once. For instance the bench press is a compound lift. It doesn’t just target the chest. Your shoulders and triceps are also heavily involved in the lift.  Therefore you get more growth all over your upper body by doing the bench press than using a silly-ass machine like a pec deck.

Besides the bench press, a few other good compound lifts you should use in your workout routine are:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bar Dips
  • Pull-Ups
  • Barbell Rows
  • Military Press

If you aren’t doing the above exercises every week then I know why you’re not growing. But if you decide to use these then be prepared for a nice growth spurt.

Hardgainer Workout Tip #2: Lift In The 2 – 10 Rep Range

Listen, I don’t give a shit if you can do 100 pushups. If you can do 100 pushups then you need to man up and go lift something HEAVY.

Fact is you shouldn’t be able to do more than 10 reps of any given exercise. Why? Because you get the biggest growth response in the 2 – 10 rep range.

Let me break it down for you…

In order to add muscle you need to continuously lift heavier weights each week. Therefore you need to be getting stronger each week. Lifting in the 2-4 rep range will have the biggest impact on strength gains. So that takes care of that.

Now, you’ll also want to lift in the 6 – 10 rep range to build actual muscle size. If you only lift in the 2-4 rep range you’ll get much stronger but not much bigger. Your body responds to the 6-10 rep range by adding muscle mass.

Hardgainer Workout Tip #3: Don’t Train For More Than 45 – 60 Minutes

Out of all the advice I give hardgainers about working out this is the one I catch the most heat from. Some guys just can’t beleive that working out for just 45 – 6o minutes is actually MORE effective than a 2 hour workout.

Let me explain…

Your muscles only need to be stimulated enough to elicit a growth response that tells your body to manufacture new muscle tissue. One you achieve this goal you’re done. PERIOD. Any more lifting is just overkill and is actually counter productive at this point.

So what happens when you lift for more than 60 minutes?

Well your body releases a catabolic hormone called cortisol (this is basically the OPPOSITE of an anabolic hormone) which begins to break down your muscle tissue for energy.

Towards the end of your workout your body’s glycogen stores are depleted and your body is desperately searching for a source of energy. Well you don’t REALLY need all that pesky muscle so your body decides to eat away at your hard-earned muscle tissue.

…Are you starting to see why training more than 60 minutes is counter-productive?

So next time you’re at the gym remember this and plan your workout ahead of time to ensure that you get in and out of the gym in time.

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